Dragon age anders romance

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dragon age anders romance

The two romance scenes for Anders on the Rivalry path. Even more amusing for also being a mage Hawke. This is from my play through of Dragon Age 2 as a very confused and grumpy blood mage who had a rival. In Dragon Age 2, romance is possible. Anders is one of the characters with whom you can build a relationship. Find out details on how to build.

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Your picks just happen to be the mages with the highest stakes in their respective plot twists ; You can go with Leliana, Isabela and Sera, it works just as well in the overarching plot, only with rogues. Wikia ist eine gebührenfreie Seite, die sich durch Werbung finanziert. However, if Night Terrors is done before Questioning Beliefs , then the romance can continue as normal if Hawke killed Anders and then rejected the demon's deal by using the special option "It was a ruse. If Hawke refuses, the quest is canceled. Hawke Begleiter Quests DLC Forum. This is an archived post. Shortly after their Harrowing , Karl was transferred to Kirkwall 's Gallows , a move which Anders did not take well.


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